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Programs Available for City of Norton Residents

AppCAA has been serving the people of the City of Norton since 1965 with financial, educational, and stabilization programs. These include counseling courses for financial and housing related topics, weatherization services to bring homes up to Energy Star standards, emergency utility payments, and many other programs that are listed below.

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AppCAA Financial Opportunities Center

AppCAA delivers group and individual workshops for adults to help them learn how to save money, reduce debt, improve their credit scores, avoid fraud and become financially independent. Each workshop lasts approximately one hour and can be attended in person or online. In addition to workshops, AppCAA offers one-on-one counseling for clients to help them develop budgets, understand types of financial services, and devise individual plans for improving their financial situations. This service is provided entirely FREE.

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Housing Counseling Program

AppCAA’s Housing Counseling Program is designed to empower area residents by equipping them with the tools to improve their financial situation and maintain a stable living arrangement. Building on financial coaching, individuals work one-on-one with a HUD Certified Housing Counselor. Together, they will determine their best option — renting versus owning — and create a plan to work towards an individualized goal. This service is provided entirely FREE.

The program centers on:

  • Rental Counseling
  • Strengthening financial literacy
  • Fair housing laws
  • Preventing homelessness
  • Pre- and post-purchase financial management
  • Dangers of predatory lending and fraud prevention
  • Strategies to avoid mortgage delinquency

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First Time Homebuyers Loan and SPARC Program

AppCAA partners with Rural Development, by packaging 502 Direct Home Loans, and with Virginia Housing through an incentive program. This program is known as the Sponsoring Partnerships and Revitalizing Communities Program, or SPARC. The SPARC program lowers the interest rate on Virginia Housing’s first mortgage loans by one (1) percentage point from Virginia Housing’s first-time homebuyer rate.

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Tax Preparation Service

AppCAA Tax Preparation Services provides FREE tax preparation to help people in Southwest Virginia and surrounding areas access valuable tax credits such as the Earned Income Tax Credit. Tax preparation is offered year round. AppCAA’s Tax Preparation Service is in partnership with the Virginia CASH Campaign operated through the Virginia Community Action Partnership (VACAP). During 2022, AppCAA was able to file tax returns that totaled just under $1,000,000 for the people of Southwest Virginia, with an estimated $139,000 saved in tax preparation fees. Taxes are prepared at our office located at 175 Military Lane, Gate City, Virginia, but can also be completed entirely electronically.

To get more information on the free VITA tax prep program, call (276) 885-0192 or start your online application for tax preparation with AppCAA by filling out the form below.


Weatherization Assistance Program

The Weatherization Assistance Program reduces the cost of heating and cooling homes by improving their energy efficiency. This program helps families save money and makes their homes safer for habitation during extreme hot or cold weather entirely for FREE.

Common WAP services include

  • Air sealing
  • Wall and attic insulation
  • Duct sealing
  • Appliance repair/replacement
  • Carbon monoxide testing

Clients with AEP can qualify for additional FREE services. Residents of Dickenson County are eligible to apply for this program along with residents of our normal service area.

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Emergency Services — Utility Payments

Residents who have received a shut-off notice from the electric or water company are sometimes eligible for one-time to help paying the bill to avoid interruption of these services. AppCAA offers counseling and guidance along with payment support for utilities and other recurring costs. Currently, this program is for Old Dominion Power customers ONLY.

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Neighbor to Neighbor

The Neighbor to Neighbor Program lends a hand to those who are experiencing financial hardships and need help to get back on their feet. Administered by Dollar Energy Fund, the program provides eligible customers with a utility assistance grant applied directly to their bill. This program currently serves American Electric Power and Old Dominion Power customers ONLY.

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Retired Seniors Volunteer Program

RSVP is one of the largest volunteer networks in the nation for people 55 and over. You can use your skills and talents you’ve learned over the years, or develop new ones while serving in various volunteer activities within your community.

Service opportunities may include

  • Preparing taxes for low-to-moderate income individuals and families
  • Organizing Senior Safety events
  • Delivering meals
  • Packing food boxes at a food pantry


RSVP volunteers choose how, where, and how often they want to serve, with commitments ranging from a few hours to 40 hours per week. Volunteers receive pre-service orientation, training from the organization where they will serve, and supplemental insurance while on duty.


Whole Family Approach

Families enrolled in the Whole Family Approach Program complete a life scale assessment at the beginning of the process. This assessment is used to measure impact and growth throughout the program. It primarily focuses on employment/income, financial management, community involvement, child care, and education/job training. This program is provided entirely for FREE.

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New Eyes for the Needy

A new pair of prescription glasses for someone without vision insurance costs an average of $351. The steep price point of this essential tool places it out of reach for many. As a result, thousands of Americans go without the optometrical care they need. Untreated visual impairment has negative impacts on quality of life, public safety, education, and the economy. To combat this issue, the New Eyes for the Needy program buys new prescription glasses for children and adults in financial need.

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