Strategic Plan 2022-2023

In late 2020, AppCAA began its strategic planning process with the completion of the Community Needs Assessment. This assessment found that AppCAA’s services needed to evolve to be more supportive of Southwest Virginia residents who are considered the “working poor” rather than emphasizing emergency services.

After completing an interim Strategic Plan to cover the fiscal year 2021 period, AppCAA began its work on the next iteration of the Strategic Plan. The Plan explains how AppCAA intends to improve sustainability of programs and self-sufficiency of clients.

The Results Framework associated with AppCAA’s 2022-2027 Strategic Plan provides intermediate and long-term measures for reaching our strategic, programmatic goals.

Results Framework APPCAA Strategic Plan 2022-2027

Strategic objective 1:

To increase availability of and access to safe, affordable housing.

I.R. 1.1:
Increased number of homes with improved energy efficiency and safe environments.

I.R. 1.2:
Fewer families evicted as a result of AppCAA activities.

Weatheralization; Home Repair
Utility Payments/Rent and Mortgage payments

Strategic objective 2:

To improve client’s financial literacy and economic decision-making.
I.R. 2.1: Increased number of clients reporting financial wellbeing.
I.R. 2.2: Increase number of partnerships between AppCAA and financial Institutions.
I.R. 2.3: Increased number of clients accessing workforce development services.
Partnership with financial institutions
Referrals to workforce development

Strategic objective 3:

To enhance community self-sufficiency through low income individual’s participation in activities.
I.R. 3.1: Increased number of clients reporting self-sufficiency.
I.R. 3.2: Increased percentage of clients reporting food security.

I.R. 3.3:
Increased participation of community in AppCAA activities.

Diaper and hygiene vouchers
Fox boxes, food vouchers

Strategic objective 4:

To improve the quality and impact of APPCAA’s programs.
I.R. 4.1: Increased program quality and impact.
I.R. 4.2: Consistently on-time and accurate reporting.
I.R. 4.3: Increase public awareness of the work and impact AppCAA.
DQA, knowledge management plan, client feedback

Knowledge management plan

Branding and marketing plan